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Principal's Message

In the vibrant mosaic of Loyola School, where academic excellence seamlessly intertwines with a myriad of co-curricular activities, a post COVID era has ushered in winds of change among our students. As we navigate this transformative landscape, we notice two emerging trends that pose challenges and promise opportunities as well.

The pervasive influence of social media has cast its spell, with students finding solace and entertainment in the digital realm. While screens offer a gateway to virtual landscapes, the real-world connections seem to dwindle. Face-to-face interactions, once the heartbeat of our vibrant community, are giving way to the solitude of individual screens, leaving behind a void in genuine, heart-to-heart conversations.

Yet, Loyola School stands resilient and recognizes the need for a delicate balance. We acknowledge these shifts and strive to bring students back to wholesome camaraderie. We witnessed the joys of online classes; we also witness some reticence, some reluctance to communicate face-to-face.

The challenge is real, and Loyola is rising to meet it.

Amidst the changing dynamics, Loyola continues to foster an environment where learning extends beyond textbooks. The school's calendar has a liberal sprinkling of extracurricular events. In November we had the spectacular La Spectra, the arts and science exhibition, and the jubilant celebrations of Children's Day and Diwali. The Annual Sports Day attracted not only the former students but the parents as well, not just as spectators but as participants too. Loyola Cup Basketball Tournament kept up the competitive spirit and fostered sportsmanship and teamwork.

Field trips like the ones to the CTCRI campus and the Fire Station were meant to make education integral by enabling the students to relate theoretical abstractions to practical applications and at the same time deepen their sense of civic responsibility.

The visit to Karunya Bhavan, an old age home, proved to be a deeply enriching experience for our senior students who are sure to be more empathetic towards the elderly people. While engaging in conversations with them, our students discovered the wealth of wisdom and life stories that each individual held. The genuine warmth and gratitude expressed by the elderly left an indelible mark on them, prompting their reflection on the importance of companionship and compassion in the later stages of life.

Orientation programmes for students in grades X, Xl, and Xll serve as guiding lights, ensuring a seamless transition to the crucial board examination phase. As our students gear up for these academic milestones, the school remains a pillar of support.

Recent highlights include the heartwarming ZEST 23, the parents' carnival that brought together not only parents, but grandparents and the staff and the students into a single fold, making Loyola not just a school but a vast and united family. The impact was profound, and the forthcoming issue of LENS promises to cover this seminal event in greater detail.

In the ever-evolving landscape post-COVID, Loyola School stands as a beacon, guiding students through challenges while nurturing bonds that go beyond the virtual. The preparation for board examinations is underway, and the momentum is palpable. Loyola is not just an educational institution; it is a nurturing haven where minds flourish, and hearts connect in the mosaic of shared experiences.