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  • When there are vacancies for admission, the school will announce it on the website, and the application form will be available on the website as well as in the school office. The application form for admission is to be filled in by the parent concerned and submitted as per the date announced. However, before filling in the form, please familiarize yourself with a few relevant facts and conditions.
  • Though Loyola School will continue its traditional policy of admitting students irrespective of their community, caste, creed, social status, and financial position, this is a Catholic minority institution entitled to the special privileges and protection guaranteed by Article 30 of the Constitution of India.
  • Loyola School is owned and run by the Jesuits Kerala Jesuit Society which is part of the world-wide Jesuit Religious organization whose vision of meaningful education is five centuries old and respected all over the world.
  • Seek admission in Loyola only if you understand and appreciate the Jesuit vision of holistic education and are ready to abide by the rules and regulations in force at present and liable to change from time to time at the sole discretion of the Management.
  • Parents unaware of the Jesuit scale of priorities may please read the relevant section in the School Diary available for reference at the School Office or refer to the School Website: before they submit the application for admission. If any parent feels that these two sources of information are inadequate to dispel his doubts, he should seek further clarification from the Principal or Vice-Principals of the school because, later on, ignorance will not be acceptable as an excuse for any lapses.
  • As a Day school exclusively for boys, Loyola admits only those who stay with their parents/guardians during the entire period of their study here. Unauthorized stay in any privately-run hostel or as a paying guest is not permissible.
  • Incorrect or incomplete applications will be rejected. Please note that required instructions are given within brackets at appropriate places in the Application Form itself to help parents fill in the details. Do not take anything for granted; please read the Application Form once or twice and get all doubts clarified before you start filling in the details.
  • When a parent/guardian (accepted as such by the school) formally applies for admission to Loyola School, it is presumed that he/she has made sure of and accepted the norms and regulations for admission to Loyola School and that he/she has no claim whatsoever to admission to the school.
  • The school authorities can refuse admission to a child without any obligation to give an explanation.
  • Any kind of inducement (money, gifts, etc.) to anybody in connection with admission to Loyola School, involves refusal/cancellation of admission (even if found out later).
  • An application for admission is acceptable only if all required details are given in clear terms and in English and all documents listed below are submitted along with it:
    • Civil Birth Certificate in the original (will be returned after verification) and one self-attested photocopy of the same.
    • Copy of the Aadhaar Card.
  • Only a validly filled-in Application Form by parents entitles the candidate to take the LKG/UKG Counselling.
  • Attendance in the Counselling is a prerequisite for admission. The paper and documents turned in for admission are the property of the school. No one may claim it for any purpose.
  • Final admission is confirmed only after the personal interview with the Principal. Once admitted, you are expected to pay the fees within 15days from the date of personal interview, failing which, will forfeit the admission at Loyola School.
  • On Cancellation of admission of your ward, the fee refund is at the sole discretion of the Management.
  • Parents should ensure that their wards can attend normal classes. If a student has attention deficit, hyperactivity, inability to follow instructions, behavioural abnormalities, etc. which are detrimental to the normal functioning of the class, then the parents have to withdraw the child from the School.
  • Admission once granted will stand forfeited, if it is found later that any fact has been willfully or inadvertently misrepresented or suppressed.
  • Recommendation of any kind will lead to rejection of the application for admission.
  • Loyola School does not demand Capitation fee for admission and has not authorized any individual or agency to collect donations in cash or in kind. So, parents may take care not to fall into any trap set by unscrupulous intermediaries who might pose as influential well-wishers and falsify facts for their personal gain. Even the otherwise most eligible candidate will be denied admission if his parent is discovered to have disregarded this explicit warning.
  • Admissions from Std I to Std IX
  • A written test will be conducted for admission from STD I to STD IX. They will be tested in English, Maths and Science.
  • Those students qualifying for the written test will be invited for a personal interview.
  • If the one selected for admission, fails to get promoted to the next class in the school where he is currently studying, he will forfeit admission, even if he has been selected for admission to Loyola School
  • All relevant information pertaining to the admissions is to be obtained either from the School Office and the person in charge of admissions.
  • For more information write to