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The first school crest was replaced in 1974 by Principal Fr Maurice Stanford S.J. for reasons clear from his own words in the Annual Report for the year: “Because our earlier crest did little to identify Loyola or its location in Kerala, we have been searching for a new one…. Here is the explanation of our new School crest: the seven red bars at the top are from the shield of Loyola family, to which belonged the founder of the Jesuits, St Ignatius Loyola. Any authentic Loyola crest has those bars. But there are many Loyolas, in widely scattered parts of the world. Which Loyola is this? To answer that we have the Kerala lamp or deepam; this symbolizes not only Kerala, but also light, wisdom, education. Finally we have the letters, which look like ihs, but really are the Greek version of JES, the first three letters of the holy name of Jesus. This is the monogram of the Society of Jesus or Jesuits, who founded and conduct Loyola School. The significance of the whole then is: Loyola School where Jesuits are serving the people of Kerala in education. While the crest brings together what the symbols represent, the designing and production of it have gone a step further: they represent the harmony between the school and the parents. The artist who provided the professional expertise and painted the crest is a Loyola parent, Mr. Laurie Baker, father of Tilak in std. VIII.”